Workplace Interviewing and Investigations Virtual Training – A Learner’s Testimonial

Matthew Hound*, Head of Security Operations and Investigations for a global company, had originally planned to complete the classroom delivery of the Workplace Interviewing and Investigations BTEC Level 4 course in 2020. Like many others, the spread of Covid-19 soon put a stop to all classroom training and international travel.

In response, PerpetuityARC Training quickly developed an alternative solution, and virtual classroom training entered the scene.

‘I’ve done several virtual training courses now but this one worked particularly well’, comments Matthew, who was one of the first to complete the Workplace Investigations and Interviewing virtual classroom course in November 2020. ‘The whole experience has been excellent.’

Developed in order to reach as many learners as possible during the pandemic, our virtual classroom training is delivered via Zoom and consists of online interactive lectures and workshops, guided by the same expert instructors as the classroom courses. What’s more, learners gain a BTEC Level 4 certification in a live environment, without having to travel outside of their home.

Learners have the benefit of interacting with the rest of their cohort, learning from each other, and discuss common security issues just as you would in a classroom. They receive all the typical benefits of traditional training, including full tutor support, and protected soft copies of the learning material distributed prior to course commencement.

Of the course, Matthew says: ‘I found there were nicely built-in knowledge checks to keep you on track. Angus (Darroch-Warren – course tutor and Director at PerpetuityARC Training) manages the online activities really well; he checks in on everyone and understands that we all have technical issues sometimes. Also, the slide decks with each module were excellent – really clear. I’ve seen chock-a-block slide decks from some training providers, but these are the best slide deck I’ve seen in a long time’.

As with our classroom training, virtual courses are just as flexible, here to meet the learners’ needs so they can achieve their qualification in a supported manner. ‘The admin team were superb! They were so helpful and supportive, especially when it came to deadline extensions. Everyone has things going on but the admin team were wonderful and really took the pressure off. Again Angus (the tutor) is always contactable for help with the workbook.’ He says. ‘Although it’s a challenge with everything going on, it hasn’t been a struggle.’

Even now, despite being heavily into the world of Zoom and Teams, for some businesses and learners moving to online learning can elicit feelings of apprehension and doubt: how good can the course be now it’s online? Is it worth it? Will I get anything from it?

Matthew strongly advocates virtual learning. ‘I think online is (generally) a lot cheaper and therefore more accessible to people. In more ways than one. Plus, it requires no travel’. For many around the world at the moment, that’s a huge draw in itself. But what of the actual course? He says: ‘There aren’t many qualifications out there for this. It’s exceptionally well done. There’s no doubt this course has absolutely benefited me in my role and career as Head of Security Operations and Investigations. In fact, I urge all HR senior support managers around the world to do this course. I thought it was brilliantly planned and executed’.


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