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All bookings should be accompanied by a completed booking form, either via the website or emailed to sales@perpetuityarc.com


Payment is due upon booking. Payment details and timescales will be shown on the invoice issued. All payments must be made in GBP. Learners will not be able to join the course if payment has not been received prior to the start date.  All course fees and other charges are subject to UK Value Added Tax (VAT), where applicable.


Accommodation is not provided (unless otherwise stated) and is the responsibility of the learner.

Cancellations and Deferments

For all courses, cancellations must be made in writing via email and will only take effect from the date the email is received.

Classroom courses (including virtual delivery): 

Full refunds will only be provided if the course is cancelled 25 or more working days before the start of the course.

We are happy to accept alternative learners from the same organisation in place of the cancelled delegate – at no extra charge.

Cancellation charges will be applied to the full invoiced amount as follows (these are working days):

  • More than 25 days prior to course start date: No charge
  • 15-24 days prior to course start date: 50% of course fee
  • 14 days or less prior to course start date: 100% of course fee
  • No refund will be considered post-course start date

Perpetuity Training Ltd reserve the right to cancel an event at any time, without liability, in which case all training fees will be refunded in full, or your place will be transferred to the next course date. However, Perpetuity Training Ltd cannot be held liable for any other expenses incurred by participants or their companies due to the cancellation.

Perpetuity Training Ltd holds no liability for any consequence of force majeure including, but not limited to, severe weather, acts of Government, strikes, transport delays, or unavailability of personnel due to illness.

Online courses purchased direct or via partner website

(Partner websites include such sites as The Security Institute and Reed.co.uk)

Booking to be paid upon receipt of invoice

For all online courses where an invoice for payment is issued, payment is required upon receipt. No registration details will be sent to the learner until payment is received. If the payment or notification of when the payment will be made is not received within 30 days, the booking will be cancelled.

The learner will be deemed to have started the course once the virtual learning platform has been accessed and no refunds will be issued.

Bookings completed and paid via website

The purchaser has 14 calendar days from the date on which the contract of purchase is concluded. This is called a “Cancellation Period”  and a full refund can be requested.  However, if the learner has accessed the online platform you will be deemed to have commenced your course and therefore no refund will be applicable.

Access to online courses

For all online courses excluding the Security Institute courses or the MSc, the learner has a maximum of 6 months (unless otherwise agreed in writing) from the date access details are sent to the learner in which to complete the course. Once the learner has completed and passed the course, access to the online platform is automatically removed.

For Security Institute courses your access to the online platform is as follows:

  • Security Institute Advanced Certificate in Security Management SRF BTEC Level 3
    • A maximum of 12 months.
  • Security Institute Diploma in Security Management SRF BTEC Level 5
    • A maximum of 18 months.
  • Security Institute Advanced Diploma in Security Management QNUK Endorsed Level 7
    • A maximum of 18 months.

If the course has not been completed in the time periods shown above, you may request an extension. If an extension is granted, an administration fee will be payable before your access to the platform is extended.

(This does not apply to the MSc. For more information on extensions related to the MSc please contact the MSc coordinator).

How to cancel a booking

Should a booking need to be cancelled, please email:  training@linx-group.co.uk stating your name – and the name and email of the learner if different – voucher number or invoice number, and reason for refund.

Refunds will be issued using the same method as the payment, within 5 working days and may take up to 15 working days to show in your account.  Please note: credit card refunds can only be made to the same card as the payment.

Deferring to a future course

Should a learner need to defer their place on a course to a later date an invoice for the following amounts will be sent to the booker/learner for immediate payment.  If not paid within the terms of the invoice, the deferment will be deemed a cancellation of the original booking and the cancellation charges will come into effect.

Deferment charges:

  • More than 25 days prior to course start date: No charge
  • 15-24 days prior to course start date: 20% of course fee
  • 5 – 14 days  prior to course start date: 50% of course fee
  • Less than 5 days, no refund.

Online courses and purchases made from REED.co.uk

Under this policy, you may cancel your purchase of the course within the period of 14 calendar days from the date on which the contract of purchase is concluded. This is called a “Cancellation Period”. Note that if you redeem your voucher (or start the training course) during the Cancellation Period, you expressly request us to begin providing the course materials and you acknowledge that you lose your right to cancel the purchase of the course and get any refund for it.

In case you decide to cancel your purchase of a course, it can be done in the following way: By emailing training@linx-group.co.uk stating your name, email address, voucher number or invoice number and reason for refund.

If you cancel the purchase of a course within 14 calendar days as mentioned above, we will refund you for all payments made as a part of your purchase within 14 calendar days from the day we accept that you are entitled to a refund.

Promotions and Discounts

From time to time PerpetuityARC Training will run promotions and discounts. Only one promotion or discount can be used per booking. A promotion may not be used in combination with other promotions or discounts, including membership discounts from third parties.

From time to time certain courses may be excluded from promotions or discounts and any such exclusion will be notified to you on the Website.

Excluded products will not count towards any qualifying conditions for offers and will not benefit from any promotional discount.

All promotions are subject to availability. We reserve the right to end a promotion or discount at any time. Promotions or discounts cannot be applied to a booking once the offer expiry date has been surpassed.

Promotions/discounts cannot be exchanged for monetary value.

If a discount has been applied to a course booking on a specific date and the learner is unable to attend, the discount is non-transferable to future courses.  Should the learner transfer to a future course the difference in cost will be invoiced.

Changes to advertised details

Perpetuity Training Ltd reserve the right to change the venue /speakers/presentations at any time, with or without notice.


All course material is the copyright and intellectual property of Perpetuity Training Ltd. We reserve all rights.

Change of delegate

Course delegates may be substituted at any time prior to the start of the Course if agreed by us in writing and any course eligibility criteria can still be met.


Each delegate or delegate company must inform us in writing of any medical condition which may affect the delegate or others (e.g. epilepsy, diabetes).  We will keep such information in confidence, as per our Privacy Policy.


Our contract with you is made under English law and any dispute will be dealt with in the English courts if alternative dispute resolution procedures fail or we cannot resolve the matter amicably.

Views and opinions

The views and opinions of the course tutors or attendees are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Perpetuity Training Ltd

Sales and promotions

There is no cash equivalent to offers and sales promotions. We reserve the right to withdraw or change offers at any time. There are limited places on training courses so we offer a first come, first served basis. Only one discount promotion can be used in a transaction. All rights reserved.


In order to offer you Klarna’s payment methods, we might in the checkout pass your personal data in the form of contact and order details to Klarna, in order for Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their payment methods and to tailor those payment methods for you. Your personal data transferred is processed in line with Klarna’s own privacy notice.



MSc International Security Management and Risk Management

These Terms and Conditions apply to students taught by the Linx International Group (PerpetuityARC Training).

You should read these Terms and Conditions very carefully as they set out the basis of your contract with the University. They summarise key responsibilities for the University and you, regarding your course of study or research. They also set out any additional documents, Policies, Regulations, or Procedures you and the University need to abide by.

  1. Your Contract with us
  • A contract between you and The Linx International Group (PerpetuityARC Training) is formed when you accept an offer of a place and enrol with the University of West London.
  • You will also enter into a contract with the University of West London upon enrolment. This contract will cover your Payment Terms and Conditions.
  • During the course you will be a student of both PerpetuityARC Training and the University of West London.
  • The duration of your contract with PerpetuityARC Training and the University of West London is for the complete duration of your course of study.
  1. Tuition Fees & Payment
  • You should note that once you have enrolled, you will incur a Tuition Fee liability which is not normally refundable if you choose to withdraw. You should refer to the University of West London Tuition Policy to ensure that you are fully aware of this liability. The Tuition Fee Policy can be found here.
  1. Cancellation
  • You have a 14-day cancellation period when you enrol during your first year of study only. The 14-day period starts on the day after your enrolment date. This 14-day cancellation period does not apply to re-enrolment for subsequent academic years.
  • If you inform PerpetuityARC Training of your decision to cancel your enrolment at the University, you must also confirm your decision in writing either by email or letter. PerpetuityARC Training will inform the University on your behalf.
  1. Termination of Contract by you
  • In addition to your statutory right of cancellation, you may withdraw from your course and terminate this Contract at any time.
  • To withdraw from the course you must give notice, in writing to PerpetuityARC Training who will contact the University on your behalf.
  • You will normally be required to complete a Student Withdrawal From and provide a reason for withdrawal.
  • Notice to withdraw will take effect on receipt of the completed Student Withdrawal Form by PerpetuityARC Training.
  • If you withdraw part way through your course, you must pay the Tuition Fees in accordance with the University of West London Tuition Fee Policy.


  1. Termination of Contract by PerpetuityARC Training and the University
  • PerpetuityARC Training & the University may withdraw your offer or terminate this contract in writing with immediate effect.
  • Termination can occur if any of the conditions as set out in the University’s Terms & Conditions are met.


  1. The Linx International Group’s (PerpetuityARC Training) commitment to you
  • PerpetuityARC Training will provide all tuition and learning support related to your course, for the duration of the course.
  • Access to the University’s eLibrary is part of this contract.


  1. Communication
  • Communication from PerpetuityARC Training will be by email, telephone or via Student Forum on the online platform.
  • Upon enrolment with the University, a University student email account will be created for you and the University will communicate with you via this.
  1. Changes to your Course
  • PerpetuityARC Training will use all reasonable efforts to deliver the course in accordance with the course specification. However, from time to time, modules may need to be updated to ensure they continue to be relevant and current.


  1. Requirements to remain on the course
  • In order to succeed on your course, you will need to attend and engage with online tutorials, webinars and materials. PerpetuityARC Training will monitor student engagement to identify progression during the course of your studies.
  • You must submit assessments as required and as outlined in the course handbook.
  • Students who fail their modules, or who do not submit to assessment, may not be able to progress as outlined in the University’s Academic Regulations.


  1. Data Privacy
  • PerpetuityARC Training is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal data.
  • Your data will be processed in line with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.
  • For more information on the Linx International Group’s privacy policy, please click here.


  1. Copyright
  • The copyright of any training materials provided by The Linx International Group (PerpetuityARC Training) shall belong to The Linx International Group (PerpetuityARC Training).
  • The copyright of any scholarly work brought into existence by a student shall belong to the student.

UWL Full Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking here.


The training and notes provided by Perpetuity Training Ltd cannot be utilised for the purposes of legal interpretation, and neither Perpetuity Training Ltd or its trainers or staff can accept responsibility for the actions of persons interpreting or acting upon the material in litigation. Nor can Perpetuity Training Ltd accept responsibility for any injury or loss as a result of relying on the training or training notes. All actions by an individual should be designed in relation to their specific circumstances, and where any doubts exist a specialist should be consulted.

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