Security Management

Qualification……………………… BTEC Level 4
Duration…………………………….5 Days

An essential introduction to the key ideas, techniques and concerns that are at the heart of professional security management today.

This course provides an insight into and comprehensive coverage of the responsibilities, resources, and skills that are considered central to providing effective security management in the commercial environment.

From identifying issues and understanding theories about the risk, to isolating causes and prevention of crime, through to designing and implementing loss prevention and security initiatives that really work – this is the ultimate security management course for today’s security manager.

Throughout the course learners will build a portfolio of work which will form the basis of a written assignment to be completed post course.

Learners will also take part in a 1-1 session with the tutor which, when combined with the written assignment, forms the basis of the BTEC accreditation assessment.

Core Content

  • Role of the Security Manager
  • Criminology, Offenders & Crime Prevention Theory
  • Key Legislation
  • Risk Management
  • Crime Management & Prevention
  • Security & Working with Human Resources
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Security Technology
  • Preventing Customer & Supplier Theft
  • Preventing Burglary, Robbery & Fraud
  • Designing a Security/Crime Reduction Initiative
  • Writing Effective Security Reports
  • Adding Value through Security


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