Operational Security Management Stage Two

Security Management Programme

Operational Security Management is a ten day training course, forming part of a comprehensive three-stage training programme. This programme has been successfully completed by hundreds of security professionals from some of the world’s most prestigious organisations.

It is designed for security managers, supervisors, and anyone else with responsibility for the security management function, whether in the public or private sector. The training course is suited to newly appointed security managers with a police or military background and employees who have been transferred from other departments.

Learners will be introduced to a range of risk management and security design tools to enhance their organisation’s ability to protect its assets.

The programme comprises lectures, workshops, case studies and exercise scenarios, during which learners will complete challenging risk and security design projects that require development of strategy and mitigation measures. Recommendations, solutions and budgetary implications have to be justified to representatives of the ‘executive team’. This is a thorough exploration of all that is involved in security management at an operational level, covering topics in detail. Stage Two focuses more on subjects such as security risk management, leadership, fraud, and technical systems.

This programme is Skills for Security certificated.

Stage Two: Operational Security Management

Qualification…………..Skills for Security Certificate
Duration………………..ten-day course, also available as an in-house course at your premises

Core content

  • Developing security risk management
  • Business-integrated security operations management
  • Leadership and motivation
  • Integrating and specifying security technology
  • Security project management
  • Specifying CCTV/VSS
  • Fraud risk management
  • Supply chain security
  • The corporate response to terrorism
  • Business travel security management
  • Cyber security
  • Convergence of physical and IT security
  • Selecting a guarding contractor
  • Business continuity management
  • Security and crisis management exercise
  • Course project
  • Risk communication
  • Criminology and commercial crime

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