Security Coordination and Design

Qualification……………………… SRF BTEC Level 4
Delivery…………………………….Classroom or Virtual Training
Duration……………………………. 5 days

Delivered by one of our recognised security management trainers, this course is a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of corporate security management. Suitable for all levels, the training is perfect for those wishing to understand the fundamentals of security and can be delivered both virtually via Zoom or in a classroom. Please note, live virtual courses are delivered separately to classroom courses. Learners will not be able to dial in to a classroom course. 

It is designed to provide security managers, supervisors, and those for whom security is one of a number of responsibilities, with the knowledge and confidence necessary to manage a successful security management function. You will learn the fundamentals of security management with an emphasis on risk methodology and designing appropriate security measures.

Identifying assets, threats and vulnerabilities leads to the design of physical security countermeasures. The course focuses on the core requirements to secure people and other critical assets, including risk assessments, risk matrix creation, and how to prepare a business case for security provisions to a senior management team.

This programme takes the form of lectures, workshops, discussions and exercises. Learners are placed into groups and are tasked to solve typical security problems together.

The SRF BTEC Level 4 assessment is started during the course through a learner workbook, project presentation and trainer evaluation. There is no ‘exam’ as such; assessment is supported by the tutor who is there to ensure you gain the very best learning experience.

Core content

  • Security risk measurement and management
  • Designing loss prevention measures
  • An introduction to security surveying
  • Physical security of perimeters
  • Physical security of buildings
  • Access control
  • Intruder detection systems
  • CCTV and lighting
  • Introduction to investigations
  • Personnel selection and deployment
  • Procedures and emergencies
  • Security of information and IT systems
  • Protection against explosive devices
  • Protection of at-risk personnel

Virtual classroom delivery

If opting for virtual training, please note that you will need a stable internet connection, and a microphone, speakers and webcam. This is so you can fully interact with the class in the same way you would in a face-to-face training setting.

Bear in mind time zone differences; our classes are run using GMT or BST time zone depending on time of year.

We recommend you disable your email application when joining live classroom training; this is to minimise any distractions and interruptions, ensuring you are fully focused on the course.

If you’d like to join this course, choose from either the classroom or virtual live delivery at check-out.

If you’d like financial support in paying for your training in monthly instalments, you can apply for credit to do so here: Finance

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