Security Coordination and Design

Qualification……………………… BTEC Level 4
Duration…………………………….five-day course

This training course is a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of corporate security management.

It is designed to provide Security Managers, and those for whom security is one of a number of responsibilities, with the knowledge and confidence necessary to manage a successful security management function.

Identifying assets, threats and vulnerabilities leads to the design of physical security countermeasures. The course focuses on the core requirements to secure people and other critical assets, including risk assessments, risk matrix creation, and how to prepare a business case for security provisions to a senior management team.

This programme takes the form of lectures, workshops, discussions and exercises, during which learners, syndicated into groups, will have the opportunity to solve typical security problems.

The BTEC Level 4 assessment is completed during the week-long course, through a learner workbook, project presentation and trainer evaluation.

Core content

  • Security risk measurement and management
  • Designing loss prevention measures
  • An introduction to security surveying
  • Physical security of perimeters
  • Physical security of buildings
  • Access control
  • Intruder detection systems
  • CCTV and lighting
  • Introduction to investigations
  • Manpower selection and deployment
  • Procedures and emergencies
  • Security of information and IT systems
  • Protection against explosive devices
  • Protection of at-risk personnel


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