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ASIS Preferred Provider logoWe deliver training to help you get the very best results when you sit your ASIS APP (Associate Protection Professional) exam.

ASIS developed the APP certification to recognise those relatively new to the security industry with a Board certification. It is intended for those with one to four years of security management experience.

The APP covers four key domains:

  1. Security Fundamentals
  2. Business Operations
  3. Risk Management
  4. Response Management

How you’ll learn

To give you the best possible chance with your exam, this online training course directs you to the relevant parts of the ASIS APP reference materials. Hosted on our online learning platform, you will study one module at a time, completing knowledge assessments and practice exam questions, revise the materials within the key domains, and assess your existing knowledge of the subject covered.

To go alongside the online training, you will need your own copy of the ASIS APP reference material which you can buy from

Please note that you are responsible for booking the exam – full details of this process can be found here. 


Security Management Experience:

One year:            Master’s degree (or international equivalent) in Security Management

Two years:          Bachelor’s degree (or international equivalent) in Security Management

Three years:       Bachelor’s degree (or international equivalent) in any discipline

Four years:         No higher education degree


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