PerpetuityARC Training Launches New Bitesize Online Learning Course: Linxville

Linxville Launches, 2019!

This summer, PerpetuityARC Training, part of Linx International Group, is pushing the frontiers of distance learning with a brand-new, exclusive online security learning course: Linxville. Linxville is a new concept created to broaden engagement with online security learning allowing users to explore day-to-day interaction with security.

In a similar construction to The Sims, Linxville is a simulation in which the learner is taken on a virtual guided learning journey through a purpose-built interactive security site.

The first mini-course in the series to launch is Linxville Perimeter Security. The learner begins at information point number 1 and is encouraged to work their way around the site, at their own pace, following the guided learning points.




By clicking on the learning points, a slide containing a small, bitesize piece of information is presented to the learner from which they can start to build their knowledge.




Created to be more succinct than the online Essential Security Practice course, Linxville was devised to give learners a taste of the topic without the requirement of prior knowledge or qualifications. In this way, learners are able to develop their knowledge in bitesize chunks, dipping in and out at their convenience, as and when it suits them. Similarly, these modules can be completed online anywhere anytime, whether that be at home or work, thereby offering the convenience of learning without committing to a full 3/4/5 day course.

For PerpetuityARC Training, it’s vital that learning tools such as Linxville maximise opportunities for inclusivity and accessibility. Therefore, to push the frontier, these bitesize courses will be made available in a number of languages including Spanish and French and for a number of different security scenarios. Additionally, being an online platform, clients will be able to request modifications to the simulation to reflect their personalised security needs, making the absolute most of what this virtual learning platform has to offer – one of the key driving forces in the development of the programme.

A long time in the making and, Linxville is the next, developing chapter in the exciting progression of PerpetuityARC Training’s online learning, and one we can’t wait to share with people all over the world.

A huge congratulations to everyone involved in the development of these new courses.

Linxville Perimeter Security can be purchased for the price of £9.90 + VAT.

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