Security Institute Diploma in Security Management – Online

The Security Institute Diploma in
Security Management

Qualification………………….BTEC Level 5
Duration……………………….12 Months, 370 learning hours, 5 CPD points

This training course is proudly delivered in partnership with the Security Institute.

The Diploma in Security Management course gives you a broad understanding of how security theory works with best practice information. Designed to add a formal qualification to some existing knowledge, you will learn how to form successful security initiatives in the workplace.

Learners will explore a host of theoretically founded concepts, from your own ideas and experiences to scenarios related to the workplace, identifying issues and understanding ideas about the risks, to causes and prevention of crime.

This course is designed for all who have experience in security management and who now wish to achieve professional recognition and gain an accredited security qualification.

Core Modules

  • Understanding Security
    • Understand the role of security managers and the purpose of security management; the principles of security; how the level of security measures must be balanced with the level of the threat
  • Threats to Security
    • Know how to carry out disaster planning; manage disaster and post-incident recovery. Understand the threat of terrorism and measures to counter terrorist action
  • Risk Management
    • Know how to identify and appraise risks. Understand the principles of insuring risks; psychological and cultural approaches to risk management.
  • The Legal System
    • Understand the importance of employment law for security management; employment law and the legislation and regulation of industrial disputes; the implications of employment law for security management.
  • Management
    • Understand the theory of management in relation to security management; why management skills are important to security managers. Be able to identify the skills required by a security manager to carry out their job effectively.

Eligibility Criteria

The course is open to all who operate within the private and public security sectors, and have:

  • a minimum of 3 years security management experience,
    • or
  • 3 years in the armed forces in a supervisory role,
    • or
  •  have successfully completed the Security Institute Certificate in Security Management.

Your course will begin when you have registered and payment is received.  There are no intake months; just join when you are ready to learn!

If you’d like to gain an accreditation in security management but aren’t sure that the Diploma is at the right level for you, consider the Security Institute Certificate. It’s a great starting point if you’re new to academic study – or if it’s been a while!

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