Essential Security Practices – Online

Duration……………. 12 modules, taken online at your own pace. You’ll earn 12 CPE points upon completion of this course

This online security awareness training is 12 modules of bitesize learning. It’s designed to introduce the essentials of security, giving you either new information or a refresher on existing knowledge. The course is for anyone who wants to learn more about security and the core principles of each topic.

Core content

The course is made up of 12 core modules, each of which can be also purchased separately if needed. The core modules are:

Learners usually complete each module in 30-60 minutes, but this is flexible and you complete the modules entirely at your own pace.

From identifying and understanding areas of risk, including sites, buildings and access control, to designing and implementing loss prevention measures, this course delivers a concise outline of key themes. You will learn about risk assessments, and why understanding risk is crucial to everything ‘security’. You do not need to have an existing understanding of security; the 12 most common subject areas will be covered in the full course.

You can choose to buy the individual modules, or the full course. Learning is at your own pace, so there are no deadline or course work to submit. Upon completion of the full course, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your learning.

5 star essential security practices

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