You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

You may have seen the unprecedented joint public appearance this week between the Director General of MI5, Ken McCallum, and Director of the FBI, Chris Wray.

Together, they told of the immediate and serious threat that the Chinese Communist Party pose not just on businesses, but on national and international security.

This, of course, isn’t breaking news – but we can surmise that this unique public appearance seeks to underline the severity that we now face.

You can read the brief in full here:

In short, the key threats from the Chinese Communist Party span covert theft, tech transfer, exploiting research, through to cyber damage and cultivating contacts via social media. This is all with the aim to give the CCP disruptive capabilities.

So, what can organisations (of all sizes, all sectors) do to help prepare themselves?

Well, you don’t know what you don’t know. This is where training comes in.

Corporate Intelligence Management is a short training course, designed to give you enough understanding of the subject to be able to do something about the challenges described by MI5 and the FBI.

You will explore:

  • What is commercial intelligence?
  • Intelligence, strategy & decision making
  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence)
  • Intelligence and risk management
  • Intelligence and the security function
  • Information gathering
  • Information analysis
  • Grading intelligence
  • The use of databases
  • Intelligence cycles
  • Controlling and communicating intelligence
  • Intelligence report writing
  • Legislation and compliance

Delivered by an experienced professional within this sector, learners have the opportunity to discuss and explore topics with a recognised subject matter expert.

To book your place, email, call 01489 896549, or go to:

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