Travel Security has taken off!

Please step on board, mind the gap and keep the aisles clear because PerpetuityARC Training has launched Linxville: Travel Security, the latest component in the online learning platform: Linxville. This bitesize course has been created specifically for individuals who work within or are interested in the travel security sector, and covers topics such as Road, Rail, Air and Boat security.

Compared to Perimeter Security, the learner is taken actually inside the Linxville Headquarters, the hub for all Human Resource and administrative duties for this course. The premise? You will shortly be going on a business trip and must prepare by attending a briefing with ‘Nicole’ the virtual assistant, who will take you through all the ways of travelling safely when using different modes of transport. As part of this course, Learners will also be taught safety and security tips when staying at a hotel.


Just as interactive as Perimeter Security, this online course teaches through interactive games, images and PowerPoints, reinforcing key topical points without overwhelming the learner with information. A high class of mixed learning has been devised to support different learning styles and abilities, reinforcing Linx International Group’s motto of inclusive and accessible learning for all.

The recent addition of Travel Security is part of the planned expansion of Linxville announced back in August 2019. Travel Security has been created to meet the globally growing demand for increased travel security awareness, but is challenged by learners’ difficulty in attending classroom courses. In an effort to meet this challenge, Linx International Group has created Travel Security to be entirely online, accessible anywhere in the world at any time, and addresses some of the most up-to-date issues faced by companies globally.

Linxville: Travel Security can be purchased here for the price of £9.90 (incl VAT).



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