Workplace Investigations and Interviewing

Qualification………… SRF BTEC Level 4; 4 CPE points
Delivery………….. Classroom or virtual training
Duration……………… 5-days; 4CPE points

Professionals from all industries can be called upon to conduct investigations within the workplace. It’s crucial that impartiality and fairness are adopted by those tasked with the investigation, but there is a lot more to consider here. Please note, live virtual courses are delivered separately to classroom courses. Learners will not be able to dial in to a classroom course. 

The purpose of the investigation may be to establish whether a crime has been committed. Perhaps a complaint has been raised, or an incident has happened which requires analysis. It may be a suspicion of malpractice, or the organisation is suffering from internal theft. Investigations can lead to supporting potential litigation, or internal disciplinary procedures.

This popular classroom training course provides the basic skills and knowledge necessary to undertake fair, legally-compliant and effective investigations. You’ll leave training with a thorough understanding of the relationship between employment law to criminal law.  You’ll cover corporate risk, the nuances of body language and questioning styles and techniques.

The training course is delivered by subject matter experts, using interactive case studies and practical scenarios. It is based on UK law, and considers international legal frameworks. The training draws out specific details from jurisdictions represented by the learner group.

Although this training course includes elements of ‘security’, it is not just aimed at those within security departments. We welcome those from HR, Facilities, general management roles, and many functions which sit outside that of the traditional security manager. Your tutor will ensure your personal and professional motivations for wishing to complete this training is understood and catered to.

Core content

  • What is a workplace investigation?
  • Investigations and risk management
  • Investigation planning
  • Investigation methodology
  • Criminal and civil law
  • Evidence
    • Types of evidence
    • Scene preservation
    • Evidence handling
    • Continuity of evidence
  • Statement writing
  • Communication skills
  • Interview techniques
  • Concluding investigations
  • File and report preparation

Virtual classroom delivery

If opting for virtual training, please note that you will need a stable internet connection, and a microphone, speakers and webcam. This is so you can fully interact with the class in the same way you would in a face-to-face training setting.

Bear in mind time zone differences; our classes are run using GMT or BST time zone, depending on time of year.

We recommend you disable your email application when joining live classroom training; this is to minimise any distractions and interruptions, ensuring you are fully focused on the course.

If you’d like to join this course, choose from either the classroom or virtual live delivery option at check-out.

If you’d like financial support in paying for your training in monthly instalments, you can apply for credit to do so here: Finance

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