Workplace Investigations & Interviewing

Qualification……………………… BTEC Level 4
Duration…………………………….5 Days

Managers and supervisory staff are often called upon to conduct malpractice investigations within the workplace.

The purpose of the investigation may be to establish that a crime has been committed, prior to engaging law enforcement, or it may be in support of potential litigation and/or internal disciplinary procedures.

This highly popular course provides the basic skills and knowledge necessary to undertake fair, legally-compliant and effective internal investigations. From understanding the relationship between employment law, criminal law and corporate risk, to the nuances of body language, questioning styles and techniques, this
qualification is relevant to those new to their role and as a refresher for the more experienced.

This programme is highly interactive, with many practical elements delivered through scenario based training, role play, presentations and practical activity. It is based on UK law, but considers international legal frameworks and draws out specific details from jurisdictions represented by the learner group.

Core Content

  • What is a Workplace Investigation
  • Investigations & Risk Management
  • Investigation Planning
  • Investigation Methodology
  • Criminal & Civil Law
  •  Evidence
    • Types of Evidence
    • Scene Preservation
    • Evidence Handling
    • Continuity of Evidence
  • Statement Writing
  • Communication Skills
  • Interview Techniques
  • Concluding Investigations
  • File & Report Preparation

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