Testing & Exercising Training

Duration……………… 3 day classroom training
CPE…………………… 4 CPE points and certificate 


3px logoIf you are preparing for the implementation of the Protect Duty, this course is invaluable. You’ll learn the most important considerations of testing and exercising your plans on how to respond to unexpected serious incidents. This could be from acts of terrorism, marauding attack, or vehicle-borne threats – as well as many other considerations.

Core content

  • The need to exercise plans
  • Types of exercise
  • Compiling a Project Initiation Document (PID)
  • Setting of the Aims and Objectives
  • Exercise Planning
  • Constraints and Inhibitors
  • Evaluating and Lessons
  • Debriefing and Reporting

Having assurance and validation around security and emergency response plans is vital.

Many plans at the time of creation are appropriate, effective and understood. However, they soon become outdated and unfit for purpose. This is usually because of the passing of time, and organisational changes that are not considered and acted upon which require updated planning.

Aside from real life events, the testing and exercising of security and response plans is the only way to display their effectiveness.

You’ll want to know if your plans meet the challenges presented by unexpected serious incidents. This in turn is the only way for your organisation to gain assurance that you are as prepared as you can possibly be.

This three-day classroom-based course takes you through the vital processes, key considerations and planning that is required to plan, deliver and report on validated exercises.

Guided and facilitated by our experienced tutors, the interactive nature of the course encourages group discussion to share experiences. This draws upon good practice and the importance of understanding what could prevent the best outcome.

Take this as either a standalone short course, or follow on from the ‘Preparing Emergency Response Plans’ virtual training.

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