Security Institute Advanced Diploma in Security Management – Online

The Security Institute Advanced Diploma in Security Management

Qualification……………………..IQ Level 7
Duration…………………………..9 months, delivered online

Set at Masters level, this online course provides learners with the opportunity to research, analyse and explore a specialist area of their own choosing within the security management sector. It covers core theory with accompanying methodologies and equips learners with the skills to think critically – a much sought after skill for today’s security professional.

From looking at core texts with a critical-eye, to extracting theory from best practice through to developing specialist knowledge in a niche area, this online course takes the study of Security Management to a very advanced level.

Core modules

  • Critical thinking and critical writing skills
  • Research methods and project proposals
  • Conducting research and projects

Eligibility criteria

The course is open to all those who operate within the private and public security sectors and typically meet one of the following criteria: completion of the Security Institute Diploma, and five years experience working in security management or a related management field, or a security related degree and seven years experience of working within the security sector, or a non-security related degree plus ten years experience working in security management or a related field.

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