Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management

Qualification……………………… BTEC Level 4
Duration…………………………….Three days classroom training

Acting confidently in a crisis is vital in protecting your organisation.

Delivered over a 3 day classroom course, this BTEC Level 4 course in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management training prepares personnel at all levels on how to effectively manage a crisis and to help prevent unexpected incidents.

This course aims to equip professionals with a broad spectrum of knowledge relating to Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management. It also deals with key aspects of Crisis and Disaster Management, including the composition and operation of the Crisis Management Team.

The course delivers practical skills and knowledge which will give security professionals the competitive edge in matters relating to Crisis and Disaster Management, including an understanding of Business Continuity Planning.


For the BTEC Level 4 in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, assessment is via a workbook and a written case study, which can be completed either during the course or up to two weeks after completion of the training. Your course tutor will guide you on getting the very best from this course and the assessment modules, ensuring that you leave the course being able to have the confidence to act confidently in a crisis incident.

Core content

  • The importance of risk management
  • The risk culture
  • Risk communications
  • The business impact analysis
  • Business continuity planning
  • The elements of crisis management
  • Formation of the crisis management team
  • CMT operations
  • Levels of command and control
  • Contingency planning
  • Liaison with the emergency services

This classroom course is delivered over three working days, 9-5pm, with an hour’s lunch. There will be assessment work required to be completed after the course – all the assessment work will be explained and guided by the course tutor during your training.

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