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ASIS PSP® (Physical Security Professional) is a Board certification, which is recognised across the world. When you have passed your ASIS PSP exam, you can use the post-nominals ‘PSP’, for example ‘Kate Smith PSP’.


Core content

  • Physical security assessment
  • Application, design and integration of physical security systems
  • Implementation of physical security measures

How you will study: Online learning (self-study)

Upon registering your place, you’ll join the online learning platform which hosts the study materials. There are five modules, each relating to core content from the ASIS PSP reference materials.

You will be directed to the relevant parts within the PSP materials, and then self-assessment exams test your understanding of the material. Mock exams are reviewed by the course tutor, who feeds back on areas to study in more detail.

Typically, learners complete this course in 4-6 months, but this is entirely down to your personal and professional commitments, and your individual learning style. You’ll have access to the course for a 12 month period, so there’s plenty of time to complete. However, we do recommend that you set a goal for taking the exam in mind before you start, so that you have a date to work towards

Study materials

Please note that you need your own copy of ASIS International’s:

‘Protection of Assets: Physical Security’, ‘Implementing Physical Protection Systems: A Practical Guide, 2nd Ed’, ‘ASIS Business Continuity Guideline: A Practical Approach’ and ‘ASIS Physical Asset Protection Standard’.  These are available to buy from:

About the exam

The PSP® exam is a maximum of 140 multiple choice questions, testing three domains identified by physical security professionals as the key categories of physical security management.

Please note that costs relating to the PSP® exam are not included in the course fees, and it is your responsibility to apply for and schedule the exam.

Eligibility criteria

Three to five years of physical security experience, depending on education. Please refer to the ASIS International website for a detailed overview.

If you would like to discuss ASIS certification, please get in touch.

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