Professional Practices of CCTV System Design – Online

Qualification……………..BTEC Level 5

Brought to you by our sister company Tavcom Training, this Tutor Supported online BTEC Level 5 Diploma course consists of 12 interactive tutor-led modules, providing you with a vast array of system design projects and assignments to gain that vital ‘real world’ experience. It also provides deep underpinning knowledge of the elements that make up a CCTV system that will give you the necessary theoretical subject matter knowledge to undertake a concise and professional CCTV system design.

Course content

  • Risk assessment and the operational requirement
  • Security lighting
  • Fundamentals of CCTV
  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Housings, control equipment and accessories
  • Video transmission
  • Fundamentals of IP
  • Video recording and storage
  • Monitors and display screens
  • Specialist applications: (ANPR and video analytics)

Course FAQs:

Q) Do I need any qualifications in, or knowledge of, CCTV before taking this course?

A) Some knowledge may help, but essentially no, we take you through the 4 basic requirements of a CCTV system: Light, Camera, Lens and Transmission, and the technologies behind each of these.

Q) How long does this take to complete?

A) We all work at a different pace, but we recommend that it should take you an average of 370 Notional Learning Hours.

Q) Is there a time limit?

A No, although we recommend you should complete this within 12 months, your online tutor will be there to assist you throughout.

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