Managing Security Risks in the Oil and Gas Sector – Online

Qualification……………..(QNUK Level 4 Endorsed Course)
Duration…………………..45 hours – learn at your own pace
CPE………………………..Earn 4 CPE points upon completion of this course

There are few industries that require an in-depth understanding of security management as much as the oil and gas sector. Personal safety aside, the risks of theft, terrorism, environmental damage and reputational impact are some very real problems which can have devastating effects to organisations all over the world.

Drawing on case studies from around the globe, the course addresses some of the more complex risks associated with the oil and gas industry in a range of environments and examines the risks in upstream and downstream operations.

Delivered by trainers with extensive operational security experience in the Oil and Gas sector, the online course examines and develops risk management theory and applies this to the modules delivered.

Utilising elements of the ANSI/API STD 780 Security Risk Assessment Methodology and additional resources, the training highlights the spectrum of risk elements that have the potential to impact upon security management operations, experienced by security practitioners in the sector. This means that you can be assured that the qualification you will receive has the credibility of being provided by experts in the field.

Core Content

  • Security risk analysis in oil and gas sector
  • Corporate social responsibility, human rights, and community management
  • Managing activism risk
  • Managing acts of militancy and terrorism against the oil and gas sector
  • Oilfield and pipeline security
  • Refinery security
  • Maritime and offshore security
  • Downstream (retail security)

How is it Assessed?

This online course is assessed by means of a workbook that learners complete whilst going through each module. There is also an online exam as an optional study resource for those wishing to make use of it but it doesn’t form part of the assessment criteria. Upon successful completion of the workbook, you will earn a QNUK Level 4 Endorsed Course qualification, which will be posted to you. 

If you’d like financial support in paying for your training in monthly instalments, you can apply for credit to do so here: Finance

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