Managing Crises in the Oil and Gas Sector

Qualification………………… SFJ Awards Level 4
Duration……………………… five-day course

Globally, the gas and oil sectors present energy companies with a particularly good return on investment; but with this unique business prospect comes increased levels of risk.

It is generally agreed that a badly managed risk may elevate to a crisis, and if the correct procedures are not in place, the crisis will quickly evolve into a disaster. This training provides learners with the knowledge and skills needed to mitigate these risks, and effectively deal with any potential fall-out.

Core content

  • An introduction to risk and risk management
  • Threats to the oil and gas sectors
  • Concepts, principles and characteristics of a crisis
  • Identifying a crisis and placing into the correct context and perspective
  • Understanding the importance of pre, during and post crisis management
  • Crisis management planning
  • The structure and roles of the crisis management team(s)
  • Crisis management best practice and international standards
  • Resilience, response and recovery
  • Crisis communications and decision-making strategies

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