Kidnap & Ransom Management

Qualification……………………… IQ Level 4
Duration…………………………… 4 Days

This accredited short course is designed to provide the skills to act effectively in the event of a kidnap scenario. It focuses on the corporate world and the roles and
responsibilities of the response team.

Learners receive a high level of practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to act confidently, objectively and effectively when protecting the physical integrity of staff or company assets, if threatened by a kidnap or commercial extortion-related incident.

Aided by the use of scenarios, this course enables learners to explore and understand the duty of care and responsibilities, including primacy and legal considerations; crisis response and management as it relates to kidnap and ransom; communication, including victim and offender contact; negotiation skills, external and internal messaging.

The skills taught encompass the response to a kidnapping, or commercial extortion, and how this dovetails with corporate crisis management planning. Assessment for this course includes group work, 1:1’s with the trainer, and a short group presentation.

Core Content

  • Background to Kidnap & Ransom
  • Current Global Trends
  • Risk & Threat Identification & Mitigation
  • Organisational Responsibility & Preparedness
  • Duty of Care Considerations
  • Emergency Response & Crisis Management
  • Primacy & Structure
  • Roles of Departments
  • Roles of Other Companies
  • Roles of State & Local Law Enforcement
  • Communication Strategy
  • Victim/Hostage Takers
  • Family
  • Social Media
  • Negotiation Structure & Process
  • Managing a Negotiated Solution
  • Post Incident Issues

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