Kidnap and Ransom Management

Qualification……………… Certificate of Achievement: SFJ Awards
Delivery……………………..Classroom or live virtual training
Duration…………………..  Four-day course

This accredited short course, working at Level 4, is for anyone who’d like to understand what is needed to effectively manage a kidnap and ransom situation. The course is delivered by a specialist in the strategic management of such events, and it focuses on the subject from the perspective of a corporate/commercial setting. Please note, live virtual courses are delivered separately to classroom courses. Learners will not be able to dial in to a classroom course. 

You will receive a high level of practical skill and theoretical knowledge needed to act confidently, objectively and effectively in a kidnap and ransom situation. You’ll learn how to protect the physical integrity of your staff or company assets if threatened by a kidnap or commercial extortion-related incident.

Aided by the use of scenarios, this course enables you to explore and understand the duty of care and responsibilities. This also includes primacy and legal considerations, crisis response and management as it relates to kidnap and ransom. You will cover communication, including victim and offender contact, as well as negotiation skills, and external and internal messaging.

The skills taught cover the response to a kidnapping, or commercial extortion, and how this dovetails with corporate crisis management planning. Assessment for the course includes group work, culminating in a presentation and a written workbook.

Core content

  • Background to kidnap and ransom
  • Current global trends
  • Risk and threat identification and mitigation
  • Organisational responsibility and preparedness
  • Duty of care considerations
  • Emergency response and crisis management
  • Primacy and structure
  • Roles of departments, other companies and state and local law enforcement
  • Communication strategy
  • Victim/hostage takers
  • Family
  • Social media
  • Negotiation structure and process
  • Managing a negotiated solution
  • Post-incident issues

This course is delivered either as an in-person four-day course, with lunch and refreshments included, or as a live virtual course.

Virtual classroom delivery

Please note that you will need a stable internet connection, and a microphone, speakers and webcam. This is so you can fully interact with the class in the same way you would in a face-to-face training setting.

Bear in mind time zone differences; our classes are run using GMT or BST time zone (depending on the time of year). You will be expected to complete your workbook and additional study materials necessary for the qualification outside of training hours.

We recommend you disable your email when joining live classroom training; this is to minimise any distractions, ensuring you are fully focused on the course.

If you’d like to discuss whether live virtual training is suitable for you, just get in touch with our team of specialist account managers – we’ll make sure you choose the right option.

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