Crime Prevention and Security Design

Qualification………………… SRF BTEC Level 5
Duration……………………… five-day course

This accredited course provides an in-depth study of the theories of criminal motivation and behaviour.

It outlines the strategies that can be employed to reduce crime in commercial organisations, especially those strategies which can be practically implemented by the careful design of security measures.

This course gives an understanding of the theories of criminal motivation and the main principles of crime causation.

It progresses through to creating effective physical security and identifying procedural approaches to crime prevention.

This course takes the form of lectures, workshops, discussions and exercises, during which delegates, syndicated into groups, will have the opportunity to solve typical security problems.

Core Content

  • Theories of criminal motivation
  • Adversary path analysis
  • An introduction to risk analysis through research
  • Crime prevention theory and practice
  • Creating effective physical security
  • Economic crime and crime prevention
  • Procedural approaches to crime prevention
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Background screening
  • Whistleblowing
  • Suspect surveillance and crime prevention design projects

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