Corporate Intelligence Management

Qualification……………PerpetuityARC Training certificate
Duration……………….. Two-day course. 10 CPD points

There has never been a time when understanding and managing corporate intelligence has been more crucial. Given the growing concern over data, information gathering and the storage of personal details, this training is essential to help you understand this broad subject.

Over two days, this innovative short course covers critical areas including the effective collection, analysis and communication of intelligence.

The course focuses on the strategic gathering of information, its analysis and development into commercial intelligence. You will leave the course with a broader understanding of how the use of intelligence can inform enterprise decision making. Importantly, you’ll learn how to design targeted security initiatives, which is perhaps one of the most critical parts of the subject.

The workshop is for all those who have a need to understand the risks and vulnerabilities of not actively engaging with all forms of corporate intelligence. Delivered by an experienced professional within this sector, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss and explore topics with a recognised subject matter expert.

Core content

  • What is commercial intelligence?
  • Intelligence, strategy and decision making
  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence)
  • Intelligence and risk management
  • Intelligence and the security function
  • Information gathering
  • Information analysis
  • Grading intelligence
  • The use of databases
  • Intelligence cycles
  • Controlling and communicating intelligence
  • Intelligence report writing
  • Legislation and compliance

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