ASIS PSP® Intensive 5 day boot camp

Duration……………………… five classroom days

The ASIS PSP® qualification enhances career prospects by demonstrating knowledge and experience of threat assessment and risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; and the appropriate identification, implementation and ongoing evaluation of security measures.

Core content

  • Physical security assessment
  • Application, design and integration of physical security systems
  • Implementation of physical security measures

How you will study

Days one and two: explanation of the timetable of study and approach required from learners, followed by familiarisation with the learning domains and study materials.

Days three and four: explanation and discussion of the different domains, followed by consolidation and testing of learners’ knowledge to identify where further personal revision should be focused.

Day five: completion of mock exams followed by feedback and discussion.

Study materials

Please note that learners will need to purchase their own copies of ASIS International’s: ‘Physical Security Principles’, ‘Implementing Physical Systems: A Practical Guide, 2nd Ed’, ‘ASIS Business Continuity Guideline: A Practical Approach’ and ‘ASIS Facilities Physical Security Measures Guideline’.  These are available at:

About the exam

The PSP® exam comprises a maximum 140 multiple choice questions on three domains identified by physical security professionals as the key categories of physical security management.

Please note that costs relating to the PSP® exam are not included in the course fees and it is your responsibility to apply for and schedule the exam.

Eligibility criteria

High school diploma/GED equivalent/associate degree and six years of progressive physical security experience, or a bachelor’s degree (or higher) and four years of progressive physical security work experience.

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