ASIS CPP® (Certified Protection Professional)

We are proud to be an ASIS Preferred CPE Training Provider.

We deliver training to help you get the very best results when you sit your ASIS CPP exam.

Choose to complete your training online via our eLearning platform, or in an intensive 5 day boot-camp classroom course.

The ASIS CPP® qualification enhances career opportunities by demonstrating management skills in seven key security domains. It is one of the most widely recognised security management qualifications in the world. CPP accreditation provides employers, colleagues and peers with professional assurance of the holder’s advanced knowledge.

Core content

  • Security principles and practices
  • Business principles and practices
  • Investigations
  • Personnel security
  • Physical security
  • Information security
  • Crisis management
  • Legal aspects (UK candidates only)

We deliver ASIS CPP training in two ways: online, or classroom boot-camp classes.

How you will study: boot-camp class (5 days)

Days one and two: explanation of the timetable of study and approach, followed by familiarisation with the learning domains and study materials.

Days three and four: explanation and discussion of the different domains, followed by consolidation and testing of existing knowledge to identify where further personal revision should be focused.

Day five: completion of mock exams followed by feedback and discussion.

How you will study: Online learning (self-study)

Upon registering your place, you will join the online learning platform which hosts the study materials. There are five modules, each relating to core content from the ASIS CPP Protection of Assets and Standards & Guidelines.

You will be directed to the relevant parts within the CPP materials, and then self-assessment exams will test your understanding of the material. You will submit mock-exams which are reviewed by the course tutor, who feeds back on areas to study in more detail.


Study materials

Please note that you will need to purchase your own copies of ASIS International’s ‘Protection of Assets’ and ‘Standards and Guidelines’ bundles. These are available at:

About the exam

The CPP® exam is taken over 4 hours, with a maximum 225 multiple choice questions. Questions are based on the seven domains identified by certified protection professionals as the key categories of security management.

Please note that the exam fee is not included in this training package. You are responsible for booking your exam, and sourcing a copy of the ASIS CPP Protection of Assets and Standards & Guidelines.

Eligibility criteria

Nine years of security work experience (seven with a bachelor’s degree or higher), to include management of a security function for at least three years.

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