Advanced Investigation Techniques

Qualification……………………… IQ Level 5
Duration…………………………….5 Days

This elite participatory course is specifically designed for learners with existing knowledge and experience in workplace investigations and interviews, and/or for those who have completed the Workplace Investigation & Interviewing course (BTEC Level 4).

Enabling learners to conduct well-managed and effective interviews at a strategic level, you will explore a variety of investigation and interview topics from a management perspective.

This course provides a high level of practical skills and theoretical knowledge which are needed to act confidently, objectively and effectively when compiling an appropriate case file at strategic level. It equips learners with the skills to assemble a fitting end-report for dissemination.

Through scenario-based learning, you will explore and understand: the primacy, boundaries and parameters of investigation, compliance requirements, media management, structure and content of investigation plans, legal considerations, recovery of evidence, witness interaction and in-depth interview techniques.

This course is delivered by renowned specialists in this field and delegate spaces are strictly limited to allow learners to gain optimum 1-1 tutor time.

Core Content

  • Roles & responsibilities of the advanced investigator
  • Integrity policies & “whistleblowing” considerations
  • Transparency vs confidentiality
  • Investigation structure, accountability & reporting lines
  • Disclosure issues
  • Key legislation
  • Vital forensic principles
  • Cyber issues
  • Early liaison with legal & judiciary advisors
  • The importance of research
  • Types & characteristics of witnesses
  • Identification & recognition of coping strategies
  • Personal resilience, patience & focus
  • Welfare & support

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